Board game

Catan : basisspel uitbreiding tot 6 spelers

Klaus Teuber (author), Michael Menzel (illustrator)

Catan : basisspel uitbreiding tot 6 spelers

Target audience:
9-11 years and up
De speelmaterialen en de spelregels van deze uitbreiding geven 2 extra spelers de kans om het eiland Catan te ontdekken.
Catan : basisspel uitbreiding tot 6 spelers
Klaus Teuber
Michael Menzel
Almere: 999 Games, 2015
1 doos (28 getallenfiches, 25 grondstofkaarten, 2 bouwkostenkaarten, 9 ontwikelingskaarten, 11 landtegels, 2 sets speelstukken in groen en bruin, 4 extra randdelen, spelregels
Voor 5-6 spelers Speelduur 9min.0 Vermelding op doos: doelgroep 10-99

Availability in Flemish libraries

More than 2 times in Flemish libraries

About Klaus Teuber

CC BY 3.0 - Image by Rogi Lensing

Klaus Teuber (born June 25, 1952) is a German former dental technician and designer of board games. He is best known for designing the strategy board game Catan.


Teuber won the Spiel des Jahres ("Game of the Year") award four times: for The Settlers of Catan, Barbarossa, Drunter und Drüber and Adel Verpflichtet. Teuber's By Hook or Crook, published by Avalon Hill in 1991, was an early import of a German-style game into the American market.

Personal life

Teuber retired from his profession as a dental technician to become a full-time game designer in 1999. As of 2007, he lives in Darmstadt with his wife Claudia. They have two sons, Guido and Benny.


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