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About Les Penning

Les Penning is a British folk musician and composer, best known for his work with Mike Oldfield on the album Ommadawn and several of Oldfield's singles. He is credited with introducing Oldfield to medieval music through their time playing together at Penrhos Court. He has worked with many other artists, playing woodwind, as producer or as recording engineer, and has created radio drama for BBC Hereford and Worcester and music for two S4C television series: Gwyddion and an adaption by Gareth Miles of the William John Griffith novel Storïau'r Henllys Fawr.In 1978 he was a musician and performer on the BBC adaption of ‘Kilvert’s Diary’

In 1977 he was given the title of Sir Les Penning, Master of the King's music, to Richard Booth, the King of Hay. He has recently worked in on several projects in collaboration with Robert Reed including "Doctor Who Theme" and "Sanctuary II" and his albums "Belerion" and "Return to Penrho…Read more on Wikipedia