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About Lionheart

Lionheart, Lion Heart, or Lion's Heart may refer to:


  • Richard the Lionheart, a name for Richard I of England
  • Dan Wheldon (1978–2011), race car driver who was nicknamed "Lionheart"
  • Lion-Heart, nickname of English professional kickboxer Abdul Ali (born 1969), also known as Ali Jacko
  • Lionheart, nickname of Anthony Smith (born 1988), a mixed martial artist
  • Lionheart, a former ringname of professional wrestler Chris Jericho
  • Lionheart (UK wrestler) (1982–2019), ring name of British professional wrestler Adrian McCallum


  • Lionheart (UK band), a British band
  • Lionheart (hardcore punk band), an American band
  • Lionheart Music Group, a record label