L'indésirable : roman

Louis Guilloux (author), Françoise Lambert (author of introduction), Olivier Macaux (editor)
L'indésirable : roman / Louis Guilloux ; avant-propos de Françoise Lambert ; édition, notes et postface d'Olivier Macaux
Louis Guilloux
Author of introduction
Françoise Lambert
Olivier Macaux
[Paris]: Gallimard, 2019
178 p.
9782072837180 (paperback)

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About Louis Guilloux

Louis Guilloux (15 January 1899 – 14 October 1980) was a French writer born in Saint-Brieuc, Brittany, where he lived throughout his life. He is known for his Social Realist novels describing working class life and political struggles in the mid-twentieth century. His best-known book is Le Sang noir (Blood Dark), which has been described as a "prefiguration of Sartre's La Nausée."

Life and work

Guilloux's father was a shoemaker and socialist activist, a background that Guilloux describes in his first book La Maison du Peuple (The House of the People), which centres on the struggles of a shoemaker called Quéré as seen through the eyes of his young son. The story describes how Quéré's idealistic political activism threatens his small business as he loses custom by pushing against ingrained conservatism. Nevertheless, he manages to build self-help cooperatives on the model of Proudhonism.

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