Dat was 1968 / Ludo Martens en Kris Merckx
Ludo Martens Kris Merckx 1944-
Berchem: EPO, 1978 | Other editions
202 p.
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About Ludo Martens

Ludo Martens (12 March 1946 – 5 June 2011) was a Belgian activist and historian who founded and served as the first leader of the Workers' Party of Belgium. He wrote several works on the political history of Central Africa and the Soviet Union.

In 1968, Martens founded the group Alle macht aan de arbeiders ("All Power to the Workers"), which became the Workers' Party of Belgium in 1979. He served as president of the Workers' Party until 2008. Martens was the last foreigner to meet North Korean president Kim Il-sung before his death on 8 July 1994.

According to a press release by the Workers' Party, Martens died on the morning of 5 June 2011 after a long illness.

Another View of Stalin

In 1994, Martens published Another View of Stalin (Un autre regard sur Staline), a positive biography of Joseph Stali…Read more on Wikipedia