Outburst 500

Mark Sherry (performer)
Outburst 500
Outburst 500 Outburst 500
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Outburst 500
Mark Sherry
Black Hole, 2017
2 cd's
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78 - Pop (NBLC) P - Populaire muziek (Flemish music schema)

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About Mark Sherry

Mark Sherry (born 20 March 1975), is a Scottish DJ and record producer productions & remixes on Outburst Records/Techburst Records, Reset (Spinnin), Armada, Mental Asylum, High Contrast, Lange & Detox.

Early career

Operation Blade

Mark Sherry formed Public Domain in 1999 and they had their first big hit in December 2000 with 'Operation Blade'. The track was supported by Judge Jules for 12 weeks consecutively, which led to it going straight in at No. 5 in the UK Top 40. Mark received the Chart Newcomers Award, awarded to celebrate the writer's first entry into the UK Top 20, presented to him by the British Academy of Composers & Songwriters.

The band went on to perform on Top of the Pops and the Pepsi Chart Show in the UK, as well as their German editions. The single went on to enter the top 5 in Germany and Australia and the top 10 in …Read more on Wikipedia