Fahrenheit 451

Matteo Zingales (performer), Antony Partos (performer)
Fahrenheit 451
Matteo Zingales 1980- Antony Partos 1968-
Milan, 2018
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68 - Films, televisieseries en musicals (NBLC) F1 - Film- en theatermuziek (Flemish music schema)

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About Matteo Zingales

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Matteo Zingales (born 28 October 1980) is an Australian film music composer who has won the AACTA Award for Best Original Score for a Feature Film for two years running. In 2013, he shared the award with Jono Ma (of rock band Jagwar Ma) for Best Score for Not Suitable for Children (2012), and in 2012, Zingales, Michael Lira and Andrew Lancaster shared the award for Best Score for The Hunter (2011).


Matteo Zingales was born on 28 October 1980 in Rome and raised in Sydney. He graduated in 2004 from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School with a Masters in Screen Composition. Zingales has cited Thomas Newman, John Barry and Arvo Pärt as his most important musical influences. "When I was nine," he recalls, "I adored movies. I wanted to be a director and then I realised what actually moved me was the music. I just used to sit down at the piano and write".

He has worked across a variety of music …Read more on Wikipedia