De Propria Curesartikelen 1923-1925

Menno Ter Braak (author), Carel Peeters (author of introduction)
Propria cures
De Propria Curesartikelen 1923-1925 / Menno ter Braak ; inl. Carel Peeters
Menno Ter Braak
Author of introduction
Carel Peeters
's-Gravenhage: BZZTôH, 1978
410 p.

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About Menno Ter Braak

Menno ter Braak (26 January 1902 – 14 May 1940) was a Dutch modernist author, critic, essayist, and journalist.

Early career

Ter Braak was born in Eibergen and grew up in the town of Tiel where he was an exemplary student. He went on to the University of Amsterdam where he majored in Dutch and History. He was a regular contributor to the student magazine Propria Cures and involved himself in the study of film (then a very young discipline).

Together with Joris Ivens, Menno ter Braak was also a founder of the Filmliga (Movie League), an organisation for the study of animated film. He completed a Ph.D. dissertation on the medieval emperor Otto III and consecutively worked as a teacher in a number of secondary schools, lastly in Rotterdam.

Forum movement

In 1932 ter Braak, together with Eddy du Perron and Maurice Roelants, started the literary magazine For…Read more on Wikipedia