Wanneer de pest in 1348 Engeland bereikt, begrijpt niemand waarom er in zo'n korte tijd zo veel doden vallen. De inwoners denken dat de ziekte een straf van God is, een afstraffing voor ongelovigheid. Onafwendbaar neemt de angst het dorp in zijn greep. Er is één vrouw die zich hier niet bij neerlegt: de intelligente, geletterde Lady Anne. Als haar man Sir Richard na een reis terugkomt in zijn dor
Het laatste uur
Minette Walters
Fanneke Cnossen
Original title
The last hours
Amsterdam: Xander, 2018
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About Minette Walters

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Minette Caroline Mary Walters DL (born 26 September 1949) is an English crime writer.

Life and work

Walters was born in Bishop's Stortford in 1949 to Samuel Jebb and Colleen Jebb. As her father was a serving army officer, the first 10 years of Walters's life were spent moving between army bases in the north and south of England. Her father died from kidney failure in 1960. While raising Walters and her two brothers, Colleen Jebb painted miniatures from photographs to supplement the family's income. Walters spent a year at the Abbey School in Reading, Berkshire, before winning a Foundation Scholarship at the Godolphin boarding school in Salisbury.

During a gap year between school and Durham University, 1968, Walters volunteered in Israel with The Bridge in Britain, working on a kibbutz and in a delinquent boys' home in Jerusalem. She graduated from Trevelyan College, Durham in 1971 with a…Read more on Wikipedia