I want to feel your love

Oby Onyioha (performer)
I want to feel your love
I want to feel your love I want to feel your love

I want to feel your love

I want to feel your love
Oby Onyioha
PMG Audio.CD, 2017
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78 - Pop (NBLC) P - Populaire muziek (Flemish music schema)

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About Oby Onyioha

Oby Onyioha is a Nigerian singer and songwriter best known for her smash debut single, I Want To Feel Your Love which was widely successful in the 1980s in Nigeria.

Years after the release of her debut and long hiatus, Onyioha announced her return to the music scene and plans for the release of her 3rd album, 'Break-It' being the second.

Early life

Oby was born in Lagos & brought up in the eastern part of Nigeria. Her father was K. O. K. Onyioha the Head of the Godian Religion. Onyioha began her education in St Stephens Primary School in Umuahia, Abia State from whence she went to Queen's School, Enugu for her high school education. She went on to attain a B.A, in History and Business Management respectively, she also attained a Masters and Doctorate in Social Anthropology.

Music career

Onyioha first burst onto the Nigerian music scene in 1981 with the release …Read more on Wikipedia