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Good times
Paul Heller  (saxofoon) Peter Tiehuis Olaf Polziehn  (piano) Ingmar Heller  (contrabas) Wolfgang Haffner  (slagwerk)
Mons Records, 2016
1 cd
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73 - Jazz (NBLC) J1 - Jazz (Flemish music schema)

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About Paul Heller

Paul Heller (also known as Paul M. Heller; 25 September 1927 – 28 December 2020) was an American film producer residing in Southern California. His best known movies include Enter the Dragon, Withnail and I, My Left Foot, The Annihilation of Fish, Skin Game, Hot Potato, The Promise, The Barony, Black Belt Jones, and David and Lisa.


Film production

His debut as a film producer was David and Lisa, which received two Oscar nominations. He was the executive producer of 1990's Oscar winner My Left Foot, which earned five Academy Award nominations and Oscars for Best Actor and Best Supporting Actress.

His film The Eavesdropper won acclaim as Best Film at Mar del Plata and honors at both the New York and London Film Festivals. It was also nominated f…Read more on Wikipedia