Particulier dagboek 1917-1924

Paul Léautaud (author)

Particulier dagboek 1917-1924

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Particulier dagboek 1917-1924 / Paul Leautaud
Paul Léautaud
Original title
Journal particulier
Amsterdam: De Arbeiderspers, 1967
259 p.

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About Paul Léautaud

Paul Léautaud (18 January 1872 – 22 February 1956) was a French writer and theater critic for Mercure de France, signing his often caustic reviews with the pseudonym Maurice Boissard.


He was born in Paris. Abandoned by his mother, an opera singer, soon after birth, his father Firmin, brought him up. The two lived in no 13 and later no 21 of Rue des Martyrs, in Courbevoie. “At that time, my father used to go down to the cafe every morning, before lunch. He had thirteen dogs. He was walking down the rue des Martyrs with his dogs and holding a whip in his hand which he did not use for dogs."

Léautaud became interested in the Comédie-Française and wondered around the corridors and backstage of the theater. His father remarried and had another son, Maurice.

Léautaud studied at the Courbevoie municipal school where he met Adolphe van Bever. In 1887, at the age of 15, he moved to Paris to work doing small…Read more on Wikipedia