1944 : Hilversum expres

The Ramblers (performer)
1944 : Hilversum expres
1944 : Hilversum expres 1944 : Hilversum expres

1944 : Hilversum expres

1944 : Hilversum expres
The Ramblers
Doctor Jazz, 2018
1 cd
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65 - Amusement: Instrumentaal (NBLC) P8 - Instrumentaal (Flemish music schema)

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About The Ramblers

The Ramblers is Great Britain’s leading walking charity, celebrating the pleasures of walking and protecting the places people love to walk. The Ramblers is also a membership organisation with around 100,000 members and a network of volunteers who maintain and protect the path network. They believe everyone, everywhere should be able to experience the joy of walking and have access to green spaces to walk close to home.


Walking in the countryside, or rambling, became a popular form of recreation in the 19th century. For many people living in towns and cities, walking offered a welcome relief from a polluted environment and the stress of daily life. Access to the countryside, however, was becoming more of a challenge thanks to the Enclosure movement, with many private landowners closing off their land. In response, the number of walking clubs and groups that campaigned for walkers’ rights gre…Read more on Wikipedia