Laat mijn liedjes nu maar zwerven

Ramses Shaffy (performer)

Laat mijn liedjes nu maar zwerven

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Cd 1 Ramses II
Cd 2 Zonder bagage
Cd 3 Wij zullen doorgaan
Cd 4 We leven nog
Cd 5 Dag en nacht
Cd 6 Live
Cd 7 Sterven van geluk
Cd 8 Een bloemenkrans en een nachtgewaad
Laat mijn liedjes nu maar zwerven
Ramses Shaffy 1933-2009
Universal, 2006
8 cd's + boekje
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60 - Amusement: Nederlands (NBLC) P1 - Populaire muziek Nederlands (Flemish music schema)

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About Ramses Shaffy

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Ramses Shaffy (29 August 1933 – 1 December 2009) was a Dutch-French singer and actor who became popular during the 1960s. His most famous songs include "Zing, vecht, huil, bid, lach, werk en bewonder", "We zullen doorgaan", "Pastorale", "Sammy" and "Laat me". He frequently collaborated with Dutch singer Liesbeth List.


Shaffy was born in Paris, in the suburb Neuilly-sur-Seine. His father was an Egyptian diplomat, and his mother was a Polish-Russian countess. He grew up with his mother in Cannes. When she was infected with tuberculosis, Shaffy was sent to an aunt in Utrecht. Eventually, he ended up in a foster family in Leiden.

He did not finish high school, but he was accepted at the Amsterdam school of theatre arts in 1952. In 1955, he made his debut with the Nederlandse Comedie. He went to Rome in 1960 aspiring to be a film actor, but was unsuccessful in the endeavour. In…Read more on Wikipedia