Lawaai is tederheid

Rik Wouters (author)

Lawaai is tederheid

In series:
Lawaai is tederheid
Rik Wouters 1956-
Ruisbroek: Wouters, 1987
44 p.

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About Rik Wouters

CC BY-SA 4.0 - Image by Sculpture: Rik Wouters
picture: Jules Grandgagnage

Hendrik Emil (Rik) Wouters (21 August 1882 – 11 July 1916) was a Belgian painter, sculptor and draughtsman. Wouters produced 200 paintings, drawings and sculptures in his 34 years before his illness-caused death. he died partway through the First World War on 11 July 1916 in Amsterdam. A sculptor, painter, draughtsman and etcher of typically fauvist style, Wouters' art resembled the works of artists including Henri Matisse, Paul Cézanne and André Derain- the "forefathers" of Fauvism.

Rike Wouters' art, according to Adams (2018), reflects themes of "warmth and tenderness", his paintings characterised by an array of colours and brush strokes, frequently leaving unpainted canvas to increase this effect. Often depicting his muse, his wife Hélène Philomène Lionardine Duerinckx (Nel), Wouters disregarded hidden symbolic inferences within his art in favour of a more "simplistic and genuine" style, distancing himself from mainstre…Read more on Wikipedia