Alles oder Dich

Roland Kaiser (performer)
Alles oder Dich
Alles oder Dich Alles oder Dich
Alles oder Dich
Roland Kaiser
Sony, 2019
1 cd + boekje
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0190758072128 0190759280829
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62 - Amusement: Duits (NBLC) P3 - Populaire muziek Duits (Flemish music schema)

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More than 3 times in Flemish libraries

About Roland Kaiser

CC BY-SA 3.0 - Image by Sandro Halank, Wikimedia Commons

Roland Kaiser (born May 10, 1952, as Ronald Keiler, nickname: Kardinal Eros) is a German schlager singer-songwriter. He is one of the most successful German speaking schlager-singers.

Keiler was born in Berlin. He was working as a marketing executive in a car firm where he was discovered by the German music producer Gerd Kämpfe. In 1974, he released his first single under the stage name of Roland Kaiser - Was ist wohl aus ihr geworden? - and in 1976 he got his first chart placement with Frei, das heißt allein which reached number 14 on the West-German top list. In 1980, he competed in the West-German trial for the Eurovision Song Contest but did not win.

In the same year, he had his greatest success on the lists so far with the song "Santa Maria" (by Oliver Onions/Guido & Maurizio De Angelis), which maintained its first placement in West Germany for six weeks.


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