Dah blues iz-a-comming ...

Roland Van Campenhout (performer), Steven De Bruyn (performer), Pascale Michiels (performer)
Dah blues iz-a-comming ...
Roland Van Campenhout 1945- Steven De Bruyn Pascale Michiels
Meyer, 2013
1 cd
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78 - Pop (NBLC) P4 - Populaire muziek Engels (Flemish music schema)

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About Roland Van Campenhout

Roland Van Campenhout or in short Roland (born 1944 in Boom, Belgium) is a Flemish blues musician.

Roland grew up in the Rupel area. His father, a jazzmusician, drowned when he was 5. Roland left home at the age of 14. He did not get involved with music until the age of 20. He played in the skifflegroup, the William & Roland Skiffle Group, and the folk duo Miek en Roel.

In 1969, he changed to another genre: blues, while also still experimenting with other styles during his career such as country, worldmusic, folk and rock. Roland discovered this genre when he saw John Lee Hooker perform in café De Muze in Antwerpen. He broke through during Jazz Bilzen, where he established his reputation as a live artist.

1970s and 1980s

During the 1970s he joined Rory Gallagher's band and toured around the world, including to Singapore. He performed with Tim Hardin, Leo Kottke and Ian…Read more on Wikipedia