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Half zwart

Sally Green (author), Lia Belt (translator)
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15 years and up

De vijftienjarige Nathan groeit op in het moderne Engeland, waar witte en zwarte heksen naast gewone mensen leven. De witte heksen zijn goed, de zwarte heksen slecht, zo leert hij van jongs af aan. Zelf stamt hij af van beide:
zijn vader is de meest gevreesde zwarte heks en berucht om zijn duistere magie; zijn moeder, een witte heks, is dood. De witte heksen zijn bang voor Nathan en sluite

Half zwart
Sally Green
Lia Belt
Original language
Original title
Half bad
Amsterdam: Full Moon, 2014
344 p. (ePub2, 1293419 bytes)
Vormt samen met Half wild (dl. 2) en Half licht (dl. 3) een trilogie

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About Sally Green

Half Bad is a 2014 young adult fantasy novel written by English debut author Sally Green. It is notable for its use of second person narrative as part of a wider first person narrative. On 3 March 2014, it set the Guinness World Record as the 'Most Translated Book by a Debut Author, Pre-publication', having sold in 45 languages prior to its UK publication by Penguin books.


Half Bad is set in modern-day Europe, mainly in Britain, where witches and humans (fains) live together. There are two primary types of witches: Black (generally oppressed and written off as evil) and White (the main population). The 17-year-old protagonist, Nathan, is half White and half Black, or a Half Code. His mother is dead, and his father, Marcus, is known as the most powerful and the cruellest Black Witch in the world. Due to the fact that Nathan is a Half Code, he has to go for …Read more on Wikipedia