Gelê min rabe ; Em hatin

Şivan Perwer (performer)
Gelê min rabe ; Em hatin
Şivan Perwer
SES, 1990
1 cd
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87 - Wereldmuziek: Aziatische stijlen (NBLC) W6 - Wereldmuziek Aziatische stijlen (Flemish music schema)

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About Şivan Perwer

CC BY-SA 4.0 - Image by Ridvano

Şivan Perwer (born İsmail Aygün on 23 December 1955) is a Kurdish poet, writer, musical teacher, singer, and performer on the Tembûr. Perwer fled Turkey in 1976 due to the Kurdish nationalism and political tones of his music and lived for 37 years in continuous exile until his return to Diyarbakir on November 16, 2013. He still lives in exile to this day. Perwer also holds several honorary doctorates in music.

Birth and early life

Şivan (meaning shepherd in Kurdish) Perwer was born as İsmail Aygün in Siverek, Turkey on 23 December 1955. However, this cannot be proven because of the fact that the majority of the inhabitants of the Turkish part of Kurdistan were uneducated and as a result did not regularly register births in state registry offices right after birth. It is therefore most likely that his birth was registered some time after his actual birth date, as a Tur…Read more on Wikipedia