Cleo, 15 jaar, rood haar, vader onbekend

Stan Lauryssens (author)

Cleo, 15 jaar, rood haar, vader onbekend

Inspecteur Eddy Thielemans van de Cel Vermiste Personen onderzoekt een zaak waarbij telkens roodharige tieners verdwijnen. Hij ontdekt een link tussen deze tieners: allen werden verwekt met sperma uit een Brusselse spermabank.
Cleo, 15 jaar, rood haar, vader onbekend
Stan Lauryssens

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About Stan Lauryssens

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Stan Lauryssens (born 14 October 1946 in Antwerp) is a Belgian writer. He lives in Antwerp and London.


Early career

Lauryssens worked as a journalist in the 1970s and 1980s and claims to have interviewed with people such as Andy Warhol and some of Hitler’s henchmen such as Otto Günsche.

Writing career

Lauryssens has written five books about the Nazis, which includes the 1999 biography on German cultural historian and writer Arthur Moeller van den Bruck, The Man Who Invented the Third Reich. Several of Lauryssens's non-fiction books have been serialised in The Mail on Sunday.

Lauryssens has faced criticism over his depiction of persons such as Salvador Dalí and Julien Schoenaerts. His 2007 book Dalí and I has been met with criticism from the Salvador Dali Foundation over claims about the artist's sex life a…Read more on Wikipedia