Het leven en de dood in de ast

Stijn Streuvels (author)
Het leven en de dood in de ast
Het leven en de dood in de ast Het leven en de dood in de ast

Het leven en de dood in de ast

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Novelle over het geestdodende werk van arbeiders in een cichoreidrogerij.
Het leven en de dood in de ast
Stijn Streuvels
Brussel: Luisterpunt, 1984
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About Stijn Streuvels

Stijn Streuvels (3 October 1871, Heule, Kortrijk - 15 August 1969, Ingooigem, Anzegem), born Franciscus (Frank) Petrus Maria Lateur, was a Belgian writer.


He started writing at a very young age. He was inspired by his uncle (another famous writer) Guido Gezelle. Until 1905 he worked as a baker at Avelghem, a village near Kortrijk. Initially his work was published in an insignificant magazine, De jonge Vlaming (The young Fleming). Soon he was discovered by the editors of a new magazine, Van Nu en Straks (From Now and Soon). After their first encounter, Emmanuel de Bom became his mentor and advised him to publish his work in book form.

In 1905 he married Alida Staelens. They had 4 children: Paula (1906), Paul (1909), Dina (1916) and Isa (1922). In 1980 their house became a museum dedicated to Streuvels.

Streuvels work usually deals with the rural life of poor farmers in Flanders. De…Read more on Wikipedia


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