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Ad inferos

Studio 100 (author)
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9-11 years and up
Vlucht uit de onderwereld, baan je een weg langs gruwelijke monsters en bereik als eerste de veilige bibliotheek! Wie dat kan, is de winnaar van Ad inferos!
Ad inferos
Studio 100
Multiple languages, Dutch, French
Schelle: Studio 100, [2017]
1 doos met spelregels, 14 speelstroken, 15 monsterkaartjes, 52 speelkaarten, 4 pionnen
Vermelding op doos: 6+ ; 2-4 spelers Speelduur: 30 min.

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About Studio 100

Studio 100 is a Belgium based production company with four television channels, four animation studios and 7 theme parks around the world. The headquarter of the group is based in Schelle, with offices in Breda, Munich, Paris, New York, Sydney and Los Angeles.


Studio 100 was founded in 1996 by Gert Verhulst, Danny Verbiest and Hans Bourlon. The three came together in 1989 when they created the show Samson & Gert, in which Verhulst and Verbiest also starred. Besides the production of their original show they started creating a new series called Kabouter Plop. Following the success of these two shows the company expanded into new fields in 1999. They produced two new television series, a movie, a musical and acquired a themepark. For the latter three they required co-funding from the Vlaamse Media Maatschappij. 2000 saw the acquiring of the girl group K3 and in the following years the number of telev…Read more on Wikipedia