18 greatest hits

Timi Yuro (performer)
18 greatest hits
18 greatest hits 18 greatest hits

18 greatest hits

18 greatest hits
Timi Yuro 1940-2004
Masters, 1989
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63 - Amusement: Engels (NBLC) P4 - Populaire muziek Engels (Flemish music schema)

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About Timi Yuro

Rosemary Timothy Yuro (August 4, 1940 – March 30, 2004), known professionally as Timi Yuro, was an American singer-songwriter. Sometimes called "the little girl with the big voice," she is considered to be one of the first blue-eyed soul stylists of the rock era. According to one critic, "her deep, strident, almost masculine voice, staggered delivery and the occasional sob created a compelling musical presence." Yuro possessed a contralto vocal range.

Early years

Rosemary Yuro was born in Chicago, Illinois, United States, in 1940, into an Italian-American family whose original name may have been Aurro. By the time of her birth, however, the family used the spelling Yuro. In 1952, young Rosemary moved with her family to Los Angeles, where she sang in her parents' Italian restaurant and, despite their opposition, in local nightclubs before catching the eye and ear of talent scout Sonny Knight…Read more on Wikipedia