Heir to the empire

Timothy Zahn (author), Timothy Zahn (based on the work of)
Heir to the empire
Timothy Zahn
Based on the work of
Timothy Zahn
New York: Bantam, 1992
398 p.

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About Timothy Zahn

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Timothy Zahn (born September 1, 1951) is an American writer of science fiction and fantasy. He is known best for his prolific collection of Star Wars books, chiefly the Thrawn series, and has published several other series of sci-fi and fantasy novels of his own original creation, in addition to many works of short fiction.

Early life

Zahn grew up in Lombard, Illinois and attended Glenbard East High School in Lombard. He then went on to Michigan State University, before working towards a doctorate in physics at the University of Illinois.


Zahn's novella Cascade Point won the 1984 Hugo Award. He is the author of the Blackcollar trilogy and the Cobra series (eight novels so far), fourteen Star Wars expanded universe novels, including ten novels featuring Grand Admiral Thrawn: the Thrawn trilogy, the Hand of Thrawn duology, …Read more on Wikipedia