How to lose friends and alienate people

Toby Young (author)

How to lose friends and alienate people

How to lose friends and alienate people
Toby Young 1963-
New York: Da Capo, 2002 | Other editions
XXVII, 340 p.
Ondertitel op omslag : A memoir
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About Toby Young

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Toby Daniel Moorsom Young (born 17 October 1963) is a British social commentator. He is the founder and director of the Free Speech Union, an associate editor of The Spectator, and a former associate editor at Quillette.

A graduate of the University of Oxford, Young briefly worked for The Times, before co-founding the London magazine Modern Review in 1991. He edited it until financial difficulties led to its demise in 1995. His 2001 memoir, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People, details his subsequent employment at Vanity Fair. He then went on to write for The Sun on Sunday, the Daily Mail, The Daily Telegraph, and The Spectator. He also served as a judge in seasons five and six of the television show Top Chef. A proponent of free schools, Young co-founded the West London Free School and served as director of the New Schools Network.

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