A la verticale de l'été

Tran Anh Hung (director)

A la verticale de l'été

De drie zussen Lien, Khanh en Suong wonen en werken in het hedendaagse Hanoi. Ze hebben een heel hechte band en delen lief en leed. Een maand van teleurstellingen, verleidingen, misverstanden, verdenkingen, scheidingen en bekentenissen stellen de familiebanden danig op de proef maar leiden uiteindelijk tot de onthulling van de waarheid, hoe pijnlijk die ook kan zijn (www.opendoek.be)
A la verticale de l'été / regie en scen. Tran Anh Hung
Other title
The vertical ray of the sun
Tran Anh Hung
Place of publishing unknown: A-Video Home Entertainment, © 2001
1 dvd-video
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ca. 108 min.
Vietnamees gesproken Ondertiteling: Nederlands

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About Tran Anh Hung

CC BY 2.0 - Image by Dick Thomas Johnson from Tokyo, Japan

Trần Anh Hùng (born December 23, 1962) is a Vietnamese-born French film director.

Early life

Hùng was born in Mỹ Tho, South Vietnam. Following the fall of Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, he immigrated to France at age 12.

He majored in philosophy at a university in France. By chance, he saw Robert Bresson's film A Man Escaped and decided to study film instead. He went on to study photography at the Louis Lumiere Academy, which trains cinematographers.

Film career

Hùng has been at the forefront of a wave of acclaimed overseas Vietnamese cinema over the past two decades. His films have received international fame and acclaim, and his first three features were varied meditations on life in his home country Vietnam.

Hùng's Oscar-nominated debut (for Best foreign film) was The Scent of Green Papaya (1993), which also won two top prizes at the Cann…Read more on Wikipedia