Twee broers nemen het recht in eigen hand en besluiten om de grootste gangsters dood te schieten
Boondock saints / written and dir. by Troy Duffy
Troy Duffy
Jeff Danna
Willem Dafoe Sean Patrick Flanery Billy Connolly Norman Reedus
Place of publishing unknown: RCV, 2001 | Other editions
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ca. 110 min.
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Misdaadfilm waarin twee Ierse broers (Sean Patrick Flanery en Norman Reedus) in Boston door toeval afrekenen met Russische maffiabazen. Ze worden niet gestraft maar als engelen gezien. Dit geeft ze het idee om alle 'slechte' mensen te vermoorden. Inspecteur Smecker (Willem Defoe) staat voor de taak de moordenaars te pakken, alhoewel hij het eigenlijk met de boeven eens is. Movies.com schrijft: The shots are smooth, the multiple action scenes cool (think Woo), and the characters have some good moments. You get a real sense of brotherhood and playfulness between Connor and Murphy.' Anders Englund (DVD1138,i) : 'The characters are really intriguing, especially Agent Paul Smecker (Dafoe), who is described on the back cover as excentric. (...) Boondock Saints is written and directed by newcomer Troy Duffy. Being the first movie he makes, you wouldn't expect it to be this good, but it is.' De dvd bevat geen bijzondere extra's.

About Troy Duffy

Troy Duffy (born June 8, 1971) is an American filmmaker and musician. He has directed two films, The Boondock Saints and its sequel The Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Duffy was the subject of the 2003 documentary film Overnight.

Film career

Duffy moved to Los Angeles in his twenties to pursue a music career with his band, The Brood. While seeking gigs, he worked at a bar where he wrote the script for the film The Boondock Saints during his break periods. The inspiration for the screenplay happened one day when he came home from his job to find a dead woman being wheeled out of a drug dealer's apartment across the hall. Duffy then rented a computer and wrote the screenplay for The Boondock Saints based on his disgust at what he saw:

"I decided right there that out of sheer frustration and not being able to afford a psychologist, I was going to writ…Read more on Wikipedia