30 jaar Edison. vol.1

The Winners (performer)
30 jaar Edison. vol.1
30 jaar Edison. vol.1 30 jaar Edison. vol.1

30 jaar Edison. vol.1

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About The Winners

The Winners, currently known as The Winners Rebooted is a long running Australian television series that shows highlights of Australian rules football matches.

Original show (1970s and 1980s)

The original version was broadcast from 1977 until 1986 on the ABC on Sunday mornings. It was normally hosted by Drew Morphett with a panel consisting of former players and pundits. Two matches from the previous day's Victorian Football League (VFL) fixtures would be screened and the panel would speculate about the games along with the league ladder and the goal, mark and play of the day. The format of the show was comprehensive, yet devoted mainly to matters on the field. Today it appears simplistic when compared with modern football's more saturated and market driven media coverage.

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